Arrival, Environment and Antalya

Çıralı is 95 km. far from Antalya airport. When you contact a transportation agency in Çıralı they arrange transportation. Or you can arrive by using airport shuttle busses or you can arrive to Antalya Bus Terminal by a taxi and take small busses going to direction of Olympus and arrive at Çıralı. Renting a car from airport is another option.

When you decide to spend your holiday in Çıralı you stay in wooden houses and eat healthy, tasty and natural homemade food.

Olympus ancient city is in walking distance.

Chimera (unquenchable fire) is 3 km. from village center.

There are daily excursions to natural bays without buildings and cannot be reached by land roads.

There are tours to mystic bazaars established in closed towns like Kumluca and Kemer (25-30 km). You can make shopping and taste different flavors. You can climb to Tahtalı mountain by ropeway (Olympus ropeway) at 2365 km. to view Antalya.

Phaselis ancient city and Tahtalı mountain is in 20 km. distance to Çıralı. Toros mountains behind Çıralı are worth seeing with magnificent view and endemic plant species as well as cedar and juniper trees of 1000-1500 years. You will experience unforgettable moments and learn new things with excursions to tableland at 1000-2000 meter altitude in hot summer days. This region is full of magnificent beauties especially for those who like trekking and bicycle riding with its perfect nature.

Myra ancient city and theater, St. Nicholas Church and Kekova underground water city located in Demre are at 80 km. from Çıralı. It is possible to accommodate in Çıralı and view all beauties, historical locations and natural parks in vicinity.

Antalya is entitled “tourism capital of Turkey” and great leader M. Kemal Atatürk said “Antalya is no doubt the most beautiful place of the world.”

In 158 BC. Bergama King II. Attalos gives order and says go and find me a place like paradise of earth and all kings will envy. Men of King II. Attalos check all sides of Anatolia for days and months. They come to a place that all of them shout “we have found, found,” thank you great ZEUS. Then King II. Attalos has arrived to the place found by his men and said “this is paradise” and ordered to establish a city here. Foundations of today’s Antalya were established in 158 BC. The city was called formerly as Attaleia, Stelai, Satalya, and Adalya and finally was named as Antalya.


Orange Motel family entrepreneurship is a small and boutique motel. It is located in a large orange garden among hundreds of plants and flowers in compliance with nature. Rooms are covered by quality and good smelling cedar trees. Rooms are designed considering any kinds of detail and guest needs and completely wooden.


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